Love Puppies and Corner Kicks


Love Puppies and Corner Kicks by R.W. (Bob) Krech

Dutton Books

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“Plenty of soccer action and a resilient heroine make this a sure pick for the tween crowd.”

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In the early 1980’s I lived in Aberdeen, Scotland while teaching at the American School of Aberdeen. My time spent there inspired a lot of the writing in Love Puppies and Corner Kicks. The book is dedicated to two important people from that time and place; Tom Driscoll, the principal I worked under and Mrs. Sidney Edwards, a wonderful Scottish lady who rented out the back of her house, Ingleside, to my wife and me. Here are some photos of places there that were the inspiration for some of the places and events in the book.


The American School of Aberdeen, Scotland, Lower School, 1983

                                                        The cottage on the grounds of the American School


Ingleside and Fiddie